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About us


Welcome to PRM Energy Systems Inc.!

From the jungles of Southeast Asia to the heart of North America, PRM Energy has delivered reliable and efficient renewable energy solutions to five continents establishing its reputation with industry, government and independent power producers. Our KC® Gasification system is world renowned as the premiere technology for multi-fuel gasification.

Our company mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers with the most reliable, efficient and economical energy solutions available.

About PRM Energy Systems

V-rDakM4p7ONYfTQLt14zffCFMzepYpLy3OKPEOpn5oPRM Energy Systems, Inc., 504 Windamere Terrace, Hot Springs, Arkansas, was originally incorporated in 1973 under the laws of Arkansas. The technology for the biomass fired reactor/gasifier was developed and patented under the direction of Mr. Ron Bailey, Sr. while President of Producers Rice Mill Inc., (1967-88). The first two gasifiers were installed in 1982 to gasify rice husks to produce process heat and steam for a large rice parboiling facility. The energy from the gasification of rice husks in the PRME gasifier displaces natural gas in the dryers and boiler.

Bailey retired from Producers in 1988 and acquired PRM Energy Systems, Inc. (PRME) along with the patents, technology and trade secrets for the PRME reactor/gasifier system.

During the period 1984-88, many types of biomass fuels were tested in a full-scale PRME gasifier, i.e.: rice hulls, rice straw, chicken litter, green bark, sawdust and chips, peat, wheat straw, corn cobs and stubble, peanut hulls, RDF (fluff, flake and pellet), petroleum coke, cotton gin waste, cotton seed hulls and low grade coal. All of these waste fuels were successfully converted to valuable syngas. PRME’s gasification technology has the longest performance record for rice residue fired systems in existence: since 1982 in the United States, 1985 in Australia, 1987 in Malaysia and 1995 in Costa Rica.

President, CEO

Ron Bailey, Jr.,MBA, CPA

Ron Bailey, Jr., MBA, CPA

As with most entrepreneurs, Ron wears many hats and spends most of his time traveling and with customers, project developers, contractors and partners. Ron’s primary responsibilities are business development, finance and operations; but can often be found at the controls of a new plant where he enjoys the excitement of startups.

Ron’s background includes manufacturing, construction, commodities trading/warehousing, finance/accounting and combat engineering. Fortunately, all of these experiences have been relevant in his 28 years in the renewable energy industry, particularly the combat.

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