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If5FetKALVEND8sHHebtAldb4Z9uvcPyLwBa0pE9ItEApplications, Fuels and Sizing

The PRME technology has tremendous potential for widespread application worldwide. The versatility, modularity and ruggedness of the PRME gasifier make it highly suitable for energy development in remote areas of developing countries as well as developed nations. This conclusion is supported by a joint project between PRME and Citizens Power and Light Company of Boston, MA., to study the feasibility of private sector development of biomass to electricity projects in India. This study was co-funded by Winrock International and USAID.


Gasification of the following:

To Produce:

  • wood and wood waste
  • agricultural residues
  • paper mill sludge
  • waste water treatment sludge
  • processed municipal solid waste (RDF)
  • heat for the direct firing of dry kilns
  • steam for industrial process steam
  • steam to generate electricity for use or sale
  • gas for I/C Engine/gen-sets
  • gas for co-firing of utility boilers
  • direct firing of thermal oxidizers
  • lower waste disposal cost

Feedstocks Used: 

Commercially Proven

Successfully Tested

  • Rice Hulls
  • Rice Straw
  • Refuse Derived Fuel
  • Oat Hulls
  • Saw Dust
  • Wood Chips
  • Carpet Wastes
  • Wood Flour
  • Biosolids (Waste water treatment)
  • Tannery Residue
  • Olive Waste (Sanza)
  • Wine (distillery) Residue
  • Switchgrass
  • Urban Green Waste
  • Masonite™ Dust
  • Whole Tree Waste
  • Pulp Sludge
  • Sugar Cane Bagasse
  • Furfural Residue
  • Chicken Litter – Rice Hull Bedding
  • Chicken Litter – Wood Bedding
  • Turkey Litter
  • Pine Tree Bark
  • Sander Dust
  • Tire Derived Fuel
  • DDGS





Gasifier Sizing Chart
The KC® Gasification System is scalable and modular. Each system size listed below can be installed in multiples to meet the energy requirements of almost any customer. For example, two KC-18 Systems can be combined into a KC-218® or three KC-24 units KC-324®
System Size Gasifier Output Capacity (MMBTU/hr) Range of Gross Potential Power Generation (kWe)
KC-8® 13          861.6  ─     1,196.6
KC-10® 20       1,346.2  ─     1,869.7
KC-12® 29       1,938.5  ─     2,692.4
KC-14® 40       2,638.6  ─     3,664.7
KC-16® 52       3,446.3  ─     4,786.5
KC-18® 66       4,361.7  ─     6,057.9
KC-20® 82       5,384.8  ─     7,478.9
KC-22® 99       6,515.6  ─     9,049.5
KC-24® 118       7,754.1  ─   10,769.6
Actual capacities may vary depending on fuel characteristics, end user applications, and other variables. Each system design is based on the specific fuel to be used and the requirements of the customer.
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