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Environmental Benefits

Gasification can enhance the U.S. and world energy portfolio while creating fewer air emissions, using less water, and generating less waste than most traditional energy technologies. Reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal because it can use waste products as feedstocks—generating valuable products from materials that would otherwise be disposed as wastes.

Press Releases

Your PRME Naturally™ produced biogas will come from biomass – not fossil fuels. Technically speaking, you will be “co-firing” gas produced by the thermal gasification of biomass. PRME’s Naturally™ Gas Co-firing process design is not experimental or “under development”, but has been commercially firing industrial boilers for nearly twenty years.

What is Gasification?

Gasification is a flexible, reliable, and clean energy technology that can turn a variety of low-value feedstocks into high-value products, help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and natural gas, and can provide a clean alternative source of baseload electricity, fertilizers, fuels, and chemicals.